Friday, January 14, 2011

Tag : 25 Random Things, Facts, Habits or Goals About Me

I was tagged by dya ilham and shapiqah to do this tag. Thank you dear.

Here the instruction : 
"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note , with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated"

I am ready to reveal 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about me. Fuuhh!

  1. I really love my parent! (Anak mak ayah tau)
  2. I have 2 sisters who are very cute and only 1 brother who is really tall. ekeke.
  3. Love reading
  4. Had an ambition to be a forensic but now 100% wants to be a great teacher =)
  5. Love kids seriously!
  6. Can't sleep without my own blanket.
  7. Can sleep without any pillow.
  8. Blue is my favourite colour.
  9. Like to tidy up the mess rather than cooking =p
  10. I use 'Ila'  with my family, 'Fibi' with my ex-schoolmate and 'qilah' with teacher trainees and others.
  11. Use to sleep in the dark.
  12. Hard to get angry.
  13. Easy to cry.
  14. Friendly.
  15. Try hard to gain weight not height. Hehe.
  16. Believes that everyone is special.
  17. I'll make sure all my properties will be keep well.
  18. All my favourite books will be wrap properly.
  19. Simple person.
  20. Can not miss my breakfast.
  21. Bad memory on the road.
  22. Already have someone special. thee. You are special to me =)
  23. I'm not afraid with a cat but I just can't help when it comes near to me. Geli, geli, geli.
  24. Can spend more than an hour in the bookstore.
  25. Try to be a good slave for Him. Always.
Now, I tag :

Another 10 person who like to answer this tag, you are invited! 

P/s : Enjoy with Temenggong Bloggers.


TunTeja said...

i loike no 22 tu ;)

thanks buat tag ni qila!

Ila Aqilah said...

thanx eh makyah tagged qilah..
no 22 eh?

malekabdillah said...

i'm really last man standing here. haha. later, i got time, i'll make one.

Ila Aqilah said...

a'ahla..u r the only man in the list
should be proud!
hehe..thanx malek =)

~An-nur~ said...

tau,tau,ruby tgk dah masa fibi baru post lgi,hehe, i will, insyaAllah ;-)
tag makanan siap da cuma tak post agi.

Ila Aqilah said...

ruby it's ok
take ure time eh makcik..
fibi tunggu ngan sabar nye

ReDPRiNCeSs said...

thanks qilah for the tagging...;)

SYAFIQAH / S said...

ila sy dah wat tag awk tau :)

Ila Aqilah said...

kak elly u r most welcome..
nanti free2 buat la eh =)

Ila Aqilah said...

syafiqah..terima kasih,
sudah baca tag awak..kui2..

sYu's RaMLi said...

Bad memory on the road.

oh yeah! same! yey...ade geng...hahaha..

Ila Aqilah said...

haha..jom kite test,
memory sape lg bad..ekeke

Miss Aizamia said...

thanks qilah.. tp tenet sgt lah bongek di kampung halaman tercinte ni.. kalau berkesempatan nti k.zam wat tau.. muah tuk qlah.. hhe

Ila Aqilah said...

thanx kak zam
its ok..qilah paham
sbb line kat cni pun kdg2 sangatlah menggugat kesabaran..
mmuaah! flying kiss tuk kak zam ;)

Anonymous said...

sape yg special 2????
kte tau ke???hehehehe...

Ila Aqilah said...

entah la ek