Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ignore the Teary Tricks

" Little children is the best negotiator in the world.......they can win their negotiation because their tendency to cry whenever their efforts look to fail..."

This statement was wrote by my friend, Malek in his blog. Yes, I do agree with him. But there are some reasons that parents can not follow their children's teary tricks. Malek brought one of my childhood's memories back.

It happened when I was 7 years old. My father woke me up for Subuh's prayer. I cried because he disturbed my sleep. Seriously I was so lazy. I just wanted to continue my sleep. I cried out loud when my father keep calling my name (the sign of rebellious..hehe). He still persuaded me to wake but he did not scolded at me. I lost in the battle. We performed our Subuh's prayer together.

Yesterday, he reminded us about 'solat 5 kali sehari'. He told us, if he did not forced me at that time, I might not use with Subuh's prayer. In the end, I get the benefits. He is doing his responsibilities as a leader of a family.

Thank you ayah!

P/s : Pernah kena rotan dengan ayah sebab tinggal solat..haha..


malekabdillah said...

sape yang tak pernah rasa rotan ayah? hehe.

Ila Aqilah said...

haha..betul malek! sape tak pernah, ko pernah rasa ea??