Friday, February 19, 2010

You Kill Me by Alison Gaylin


I had read this book book during my holiday, You Kill Me by Alison Gaylin. Should I blame this book? Because of it I put my assignments aside! Hahaha...Ok, stop laughing Aqilah Hamzah! What I want to share with you all is about this book, one of the 'Little Black Dress' book.

You Kill Me is about Samantha Leiffer a pre-school teacher. She is being stalk. She receives notes warning her of 'danger' ahead. Murders happened and all the victims have a connection to her. Who did this? Why it  is happened to her? Yeah! You all have to read it by yourself.

There are lots of characters in this story. It makes me confused with the characters. Overall, unexpected killer! Unexpected secret! Just go and get buy this book.

P/s : Sometimes love can be murder.

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