Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teaching All Boys!

I'll start my practical on 23rd March and I already knew where I should go for my practical last month. In this case, I have about a month to prepare myself facing my kids..hehe..I should use with this word, 'kids'. Oh ya, for your information, all my kids are boys. Why eh? Because I'll teaching at boy's school (of course la..hehe).

I had read the strategies teaching all boys from this article and here some of the strategies :
  1. The teacher must speak in a louder tone of voice not yelling or shouting.
  2. Provides instructions that are clear with a fewer words.
  3. Choose non-fiction with boy friendly themes, including real life events.
  4. Provides opportunities for students to move (they will not be sleepy).
  5. Organize a team competition in academics
I learned something when I read this article. There are differences between teaching the boys and the girls. Yeah! Let apply it!
P/s : Hopefully I manage to control the might be the biggest obstacle I have to face!


Nurul Hidayah Isnin said...

WHOAH..seen that u hd much mentality prepare 4 practicum..
i guess that i could use the tips too..

zura said...

all the best fibi! it's been my dream since forever to be a teacher, an adorable one & loved by the kids, of course. hope you'll enjoy the journey :)

Ila Aqilah said...

dekyah : yeah!not really that 'much' but at least i gain something as preparation..haha..yes, u may apply it..
zura : haha..serius? zura wanna be a teacher?? nganganganga..x sangka! I'll enjoy it my dear..hope zura pun enjoy your will-be-a-doctor's life..hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ila,

Good luck in your practicum. As a mom of two boys I can confirm that they have their own way of learning but they are SO fun to teach! Glad you found the article helpful and thanks for sharing it with your readers. Best, Kat (