Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Are Beautiful

My weekend was filled by watching this korean series..You are Beautiful..Credit to my sister, Tqa because introduced this series to me. Big praise for me because I managed to influence Zaila and Ain to watch this Korean series too. Hehe. Isn't this a good influence? Haha.

You Are Beautiful is about a girl who has to disguise as a boy. She has to replace his twin's brother place to get into this band, A.N.Jell. For some reasons, she needs to stay in this band, sing their song, make performance with them, stay under the one roof with them and of course all of these give her a lot of troubles. How will her big secret reveal? How about the A.N.Jell's acceptance? Can they just accept her as a girl?  Do the reasons she stay in A.N.Jell accomplish? Yaiy! Watch it by yourself..hehe.

At first, I thought the heroin of this story is the one who acted in Coffee Prince. Seriously they look alike. After my roommate and  I made some researches (pergh..siap buat research. lagi..), we managed to confirm that they are different person.

If you all interested to watch this series you may watch it from the net. I do keep this series in my laptop. Give the pen drive, I'll send it right into your pen drive. Hehe.

P/s : You are beautiful..(^ _^)


Anonymous said...

go jeremy go!!!!!
go jung yong hwa!!!!
boo00!!!her0 dye...hahahahahahaha....

Ila Aqilah said... booo2 hyung min oppa ea!

zura said...

haha siap buat research! (padahal aku pun sama gak kekadang :P
heroin die tu siyes same ngan heroin goong & coffee prince kannnn? cuma eun hye tu gigi die cam tak lurus sgt je. see, last name pun nak dekat sama (eun hye, shin hye). hehe

Ila Aqilah said...

haha..tengok! serius konpius btul zura, tang gigi tu yg yg shin hye ni lg comel tau!