Thursday, April 15, 2010

Snake's Ladder

Hey! Look what I have here...


It is one of my teaching aids. I got the idea from my friends..Wani,Dya & Sarah.. It is simple. Made from mahjung's paper and crayons while the dice from any square box and wrapped it with sugar paper and pop! Here come the snake's ladder..weeeee.

Special thanx too my partner syahira syukri who helped me drawing the snakes since I'm not good with drawings. Hehe.

Well, kids love games. So when I bring this game in class they were so excited. To prevent them from making noises, set up the rules first. Or else you can't control them. Huhu. I learned from my experience.

How we can use this snake's ladder in class? 

I used it during group activity. As an example, first group throw the dice and let say they got 2. So they have to answer my question, if they can answer they may move to check number 2 but if the can't, they have to stay at their check before.

Try it!

P/s : Apad already rented it!


cikgu andika said...

aku da follow blog ko..t jgn lupe folow blog permata yang

Ila Aqilah said...

okies bos!

milk and cookies said...

Mesul tak habis-habis promote blog dia. Hehe.

"Teaching Aids untuk Disewa"

Mood berniaga Ira: ON.

Ila Aqilah said...

haha..ko kalo bab2 berniaga laju je ea..

zura said...

kreatip gile cekgu neh! syabbas beti.

Ila Aqilah said...

haha..sape tumhara beti?? wahh..ckp hindustan..thanx x skreatif ko la..